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Air Handling Unit (AHU)

MACKEA provide wide range of air handling unit which is use in various application from small industrial application to large industrial application.
The product range of MACKEA of all items, systems, components, have been developed to satisfy clean-up demand of low energy consumption.
Heat exchangers, motors, and fans units fulfil the future demands for low energy consumptions.
All products of MACKEA manufactures to suit all environmental requirements. They provide easy installation and service. Many of the unit have plug & play control system.



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Control System

MACKEA provide AHU which is preinstalled, preconfigured, and having fully integrated control system. The operating data, set points, alarms, operating status time, setting is displayed on the controller. The function and parameters are selected from the HMI.
The temp, pressure, humidity as preloaded with the control system. The set points are modified at the field if required.

The control system is capable of performing various function such as :

Air Handling Unit Manufacturer And Suppliers In Nashik, India,

Air Handling Unit(AHU) Manufacturer And Suppliers In Nashik, India